Helen Poynor

Beginnings -Towards Performance; Friday 24th – Monday 27th May 2013
with Helen Poynor (UK)

An experimental sowing of creative seeds.

A site in the city, 12 dancers, 4 days – exploring the initial stages of a site-specific making process – informed by the Halprin RSVP cycles, the weather and the performers hidden talents.

Potential participants should book as usual for this workshop, completing a booking form, but include a brief statement of their interest and experience.

The workshop costs £175 (employed) £150 (self employed or part time) £120 (unwaged)
Please book by contacting bookings@decoda-uk.org


More about Helen…

'Crow-ne' photo Annie Pfingst.

‘Crow-ne’ photo Annie Pfingst.

Helen Poynor is an independent movement artist whose approach has evolved out of 30 years of professional practice on four continents.  She specialises in movement in natural environments, site-specific, autobiographical and improvisatory performance, and cross art-form collaborations with installation, film, text and the visual arts. Helen runs the Walk of Life training and workshop programme in non-stylised and environmental movement based on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in West Dorset/East Devon, including Dancers on Site an intensive training in a physical approach to site -specific performance.

An internationally recognised movement teacher, director and performer Helen’s early intensive training with Anna Halprin at the San Francisco Dancers’ Workshop and Suprapto Suryodarmo from Java served as the foundation for her unique approach to non-stylised movement and performance practice.  She is recognised by Suprapto as a teacher and is a guest associate teacher for Tamalpa UK.

Helen is a mentor for established and emerging dancers and performers and a Visiting Professor of Performance at Coventry University.