Eva Karczag and Gaby Agis

Slapping Legs and Stepping Out

devised and performed by Gaby Agis and Eva Karczag

Saturday 28th June, 7pm. £10/£6

A relationship of discovery using a simple score to anchor free play and support the unfolding of stories that pass through.

For the past four decades independent dance artist, Eva Karczag, has practiced, taught and advocated explorative methods of dance making. She performs solo and collaborative work internationally, and many of her collaborations involve links across the arts. Her performance work and her teaching are informed by dance improvisation and mindful body practices, including the Alexander Technique (Certified Teacher), Ideokinesis, Taiji/Qigong and Yoga. Through her performing and teaching, she aims to communicate her love of full-bodied dancing and her interest in the practice of being in the moment.

Gaby Agis is a choreographer, teacher and dancer living in London, UK. She has been making performances for the past thirty years – both nationally and internationally – collaborating with artists from a diversity of fields from architecture to opera to sculpture to film. She has created many site-specific works: for hospitals, train stations, museums, art galleries, and theatres. Gaby has taught the Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) throughout the UK, USA and Europe. This technique has been intrinsic to her creative practice.