Coat. The Turning and Returning of the Tide

Coat. The Turning and Returning of the Tide

A collaborative film by Hilary Kneale, Helen Poynor and Vicky Vergou

Sunday 29th June, 7.15pm and 8pm a 15 minute film shown twice (free)


Coat is an evolving work. It is a story that began to emerge in 2012 from the shape of a coat with a long, long tail. It is a story with and ancient echo, a story of a magical garment, that when worn out in the landscape collects into the warp and weft of its fabric the forgotten stories of the land and its creatures.

The work began as live performance inside installation and through many hours of walking and movement collecting the stories in many different environments, countries and islands.

Coat. The Turning and Returning of the Tide, the essence of the Coat emerges as the wearer inhabits the littoral zone and mingles with the stories of the land and its inhabitants. Phrases of the written story are whispered over the images and environmental sounds add depth to what is seen. The land is of high flint filled chalk cliffs and deep caves, it is a magnificent setting for the work. The liminal zone of seaweed and pools of water hold many stories that are absorbed into the coat.

This film was developed with the support of the Walk of Life mentorship programme and a Decoda Making Space residency.

Coat. Omey. Eire.  Photo: Christian Kipp

Coat. Omey. Eire
Photo: Christian Kipp