yes i am/no i’m not (here right now)

‘yes i am/no i’m not (here right now)

A duet by Cai Tomos and Detta Howe

Sunday 29th June, 11am-12pm, 3pm-4pm and 7pm-8.30pm durational performance (free)


‘im not here right now’ has grown out of both artists quest for deepening their understanding of presence and absence in performance. It explored the impossibility and occasional possibility of presence. This elusive search fro presence oin performance has unfolded a series of questions that pose more questions. The practice of improvisation highlights something of the importance of working with a series of nows’. The immediacy of noticing, not where we are going, or where we have been, but trying to attend to the fluctuations of being; present, un-present, ready, un-ready. They dance a series of impossibly riddles that orientate and disorientate them through past, present and future actions. The riffled are unsolvable but give life to the search… and therefore the dance.

The audience are free to come and go as they please during the hour.