Summer Dancing: 21 - 28 June 2009, a seasonal festival of contemporary dance in the city of Coventry

Writing Alongside writing at Summer Dancing

curated by Nicky Pollard & Gemma Collard-Stokes

Summer Dancing was full of times in which to enjoy and be curious about one another's dancing; at one moment, dancing together as fellow participants in a workshop, at another, seeing their performance on stage. In that same spirit of curiosity and openness, the materials gathered within Writing Alongside offer insights into how we each differently experienced the festival, and, later, into how we took those experiences into our lives beyond the festival.

Click on the links below to view writings and sketches made "in proximity" to dancing. Here are individual experiences of the festival; glimpses of how some of us use jottings and notebooks to think aloud in our creative working lives.

Writings and sketches


The impetus behind Writing Alongside is reflected on further in a forthcoming paper for the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, alongside the ideas surrounding Summer Dancing's discussion event, The Great Divide, curated by Joe Moran. The paper, entitled 'Artist-led, artist-used: experiences at Coventry's 'Summer Dancing 2009' is co-authored by Niki Pollard, Katye Coe, Gemma Collard-Stokes, Lizzy Le Quesne and Joe Moran.