Summer Dancing: 25 June - 3 July 2010, a seasonal festival of contemporary dance in the city of Coventry

Moving Out is a graduate performance opportunity as part of Summer Dancing 2010. Summer Dancing is an International 9 day festival of new dance and includes classes, workshops and performances. We are offering six graduate artists an opportunity to take part in the festival and show their own work in a main festival performance.

As well as an opportunity to share their work at a professional level, the selected artists will be given one to one feedback with an experienced dance maker. We are inviting you to put forward your dance works, whether completed or work in progress, at this stage. The date of Moving Out is Wednesday 30th June and the evening will take place in the Ellen Terry Performing Arts building in central Coventry. Graduates selected to perform will need to be available for a technical rehearsal on Tuesday 29th June.

The following graduates have been selected to present their work
at the Moving Out Graduate Platform:

Evelyn Tuul
Charlie Ashwell
Eleonora Siavara
Islay Newnham
Else Tunemyr

Charlie Ashwell


Greed is a solo using movement and text. It is a confession, an enquiry and a protest. Using the words of Nina Cassian's poem of the same name, I explore the nooks and crannies of movement; how it changes, resonates with and bumps into the text. I search for a vocabulary that isn't really me; that doesn't quite fit; and upon finding it, allow it to reverberate with a new kind of poetry: frizzy, sweaty and particularly human.

Eleonora Siarava

a noise in my eye

Performed by: Kerry Allsop, Sarah Hale, Hannah McBrien, Hayley Ross, Eleonora Siarava, Stephanie Townsend, Evelyn Tuul

"a noise in my eye" is a dark journey to the world of perception, a mystic place where Mathematics meet Gothic and Impressionism, time freezes and vision pulses. It is a group work for a "chorus" of 7 dancers which explore unfamiliar ways of embodiment in a shadowy context of restriction, transition and escape. The piece is a research on the application of Neuroaesthetics in dance and it experiments with its impact on senses, perceptual mechanisms, physical sensations and cognitive functions both of performers and audience. Repetitive cognitive and physical patterns, constructed in a mathematical way as well as the chaos and the same time the harmony which characterize the world of Geometry and Physics create a tricky visual endless, a ground for infinite potentials to be unfolded, multiplied, diversified. The construction of the moving material is inspired by the periodical circulation of the body fluids as allowing the recycling of body's energy and the dancers balance between trapping and recycling this energy and being trapped by that.

Islay Newnham


Performed by Emma Holdcroft and Nick Smith

The site in which it was created, the focus being on the relationship between the dancers and the wall, informed this collaborative work, between choreographer, composer and performer. We explored what support the wall could give, and also considered the idea of the wall being a third person within the relationship, through the use of focus between each dancer and the wall. This helped us see that the wall could be viewed as an equal player within the piece, lending itself as an extra support to the dancers, through such aspects as sharing weight, balancing and lifting, giving us the ability to explore aspects of the relationship, such as harmony and conflict.

Else Tunemyr

Else- The unauthorised version is an autobiographical solo in which I am exploring how am I presenting myself on stage, what is the self in the moment and what is the self performing? I enjoy seeing my piece as a place where I can do anything, I can play, I can be serious, I can lie, I can be exposed. I can pretend to be myself on stage or maybe I am.

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