Summer Dancing: 25 June - 3 July 2010, a seasonal festival of contemporary dance in the city of Coventry
photo by Florence Peake

Eva Karczag, Sylvia Hallett and Chris Crickmay in the Lanchester Gallery; Tom Marshman for the city centre; Gaby Agis brings Peripheral Landscapes to the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery; Florence Peake will be in residency; Lily Hayward-Smith brings her choreography to Coventry Cathedral; an evening of solos (Deborah Hay solo commissioning projects) performed by Joe Moran, Amy Voris and Fiona Millward.

An evening of performance at Warwick Arts Centre... four and four, two quartets in two halves. This brings together Moving Men (Charlie Morrissey, Adrian Russi, Jacky Miredin and musician Scott Smith) and a quartet of women; Lucia Walker, Andrea Buckley, Matilda Leyser and musician Sylvia Hallett.

Details of these performances, with times and further information, are shown below.

Tickets for Performances can be booked by emailing

An evening of solos

An evening of solos by Deborah Hay, adapted by Amy Voris, Joe Moran and Fiona Millward.

£10 full price/ £7 part time employed/ £5 students

Friday 2nd July, Ellen Terry Building (Dance Theatre), 19.00

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Four and four: two quartets in two halves

Curated as part of the Summer Dancing Festival 2010 this will be an intriguing evening of dance and sound, performed by a group of outstanding contemporary performers.

Moving Men
Following a string of performances at venues across Europe. This performance is created in front of your eyes by an international trio of acclaimed dancers: Jean-Hugues Miredin (FR), Adrian Russi (CH), and Charlie Morrissey (UK). Musician Scott Smith will also play live as part of this score.

A Quartet of Women
Internationally renowned dancers Andrea Buckley and Lucia Walker have been brought together especially for this performance along with a third guest, while musician Sylvia Hallett will perform a spontaneous score.

Each compelling performance is created in real time - each one highly physical and infused with a rare chemistry and immediacy. Moment by moment the audience become aware that they are witnessing the making of this live event.

£10 full price/ £5 students and usual concessions

To book for this event please follow this link to Warwick Arts Centre web site.

Sunday 27th June, Warwick Arts Centre, 19.45

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Peripheral Landscapes

Developed in the ancient and changing landscapes of Carmarthenshire and Tornio and Ylitorno in Finland, Peripheral Landscapes is a duet performed by Eeva-Maria Mutka and Titta Court in collaboration with choreographer Gaby Agis, costume designer Helen Merrin and filmmaker Jeff Higley. From expansive coastal cliffs to dark wooded valleys and fast-flowing northern rivers, the dance gradually reveals the performers' own histories within these places, and to each other.

£10 full price/ £7 part time employed/ £5 students

Thursday 1st July, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum (Covered Court), 18.00

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Florence Peake

Prank is the result of a 3 day workshop and is in collaboration with the participants. The remnants from the performance will form an installation that will be left to view for the duration of the festival.


Monday 28th June, Ellen Terry Building, 18.30 - 20.30

Promenade 3: "12 months passing"

A three day multi-arts durational performance and installation devised and performed by Chris Crickmay, Sylvia Hallett and Eva Karczag.

2 births, 2 deaths, a silent bell in a deserted garden, a person who slipped on the ice... are some of the disparate sources that make up the beginnings of Promenade 3.

Following our 12 hour piece (Promenade 2) in the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum last June, we are presenting another improvised durational work. Promenade 3 draws upon events in the 12 months that have passed since that time. Each of us will have contributed a series of remembered moments (one a month). These are particular occurrences that somehow affected us, or have simply stuck in our memories. The piece is therefore an evocation of all these memories taken from 3 parallel lives and a reflection upon a year gone by.

Once again the work will include movement, sound, objects, light and projections, all contributing to a gradually shifting world composed from these ingredients. We explore the spaciousness of sound, the musicality of movement and the mysterious life of objects. We also explore the avenues of communication that take place between three people when everyday social interchange is set aside.

Live performances will take place at announced times in the course of the three days. In between times, an installation - a residue of what has happened so far - will remain in the gallery. From time to time and unpredictably, the performers will re-enter this installation and continue the live work. Both during and between live performances the audience will be able to come and go as they please.

These performances are open door, audiences are free to come and go as they please and that refreshments will be available outside the Lanchester Gallery so that audiences can have lunch and witness at the same time.

NOTE: On Friday 2nd Juy, there will be a chaperone to guide people to the Tom Marshman performance in the Herbert Art Gallery at 15.30.

Wednesday 30th June performance: Free
Thurday 1st July performance: £10 full price/ £7 part time employed/ £5 students
Friday 2nd July performance: Free

Wednesday 30th June, Lanchester Gallery, 13.00 - 15.00
Thursday 1st July, Lanchester Gallery, 19.00 - 21.00
Friday 2nd July, Lanchester Gallery, 13.30 - 15.30

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"These fraid edges" (working title)

Devised and performed by Lily Hayward-Smith, Jenna Hubbard and Adam Moore

You are invited to witness these three dancers explore an inner landscape of memories through moving, talking and writing.

This performance is the third in a series of events which have been created from a process of exploring memories and developing way's of interacting with them and each other.


Monday 28th June, Coventry Cathedral, 13:00 - 14.30
Monday 28th June, Coventry Cathedral, 17:00 - 18.00

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Disclaimer: the programme is subject to funding