Laurel Tentindo

Two day workshop with Laurel Tentindo; Friday 6th – Saturday 7th September 2013

Moved Series booking form – Autumn 2013

Skinner Releasing Technique™ (SRT) – Morning Practice

(SRT) is the pioneering approach to dancing that has evolved from the simple principle that when we are releasing tension and habitual holding patterns, we can move more freely, powerfully, and articulately. In releasing, spontaneous movement evoked by guided poetic imagery, music, and sound enables a creative exploration of technical principles such as multi-directional alignment, suppleness, suspension, economy, and autonomy. Releasing engages the imagination and involves the whole self, which integrates technical growth and creative process. Classes are open to both professionals and beginners.

Choreographic Lab – Afternoon session

In our first session we will practice paring down to the essence of a movement.  By accessing the origin of an impulse from deep within, we are able to communicate our energetic trajectory to others in the space.  Energetic spontaneity is our goals as we explore solo, duet, and group forms.  We will develop shared phrase material that focuses on moving from the center of the body while integrating distal initiations.  By accessing the weight and buoyancy of our center and limbs, we will play with multi-directional and poly-rhythmic movement in our phrase material and develop complex coordinations in the body.  As an ensemble, we will build choreographic structures with rule games.  Our aim is to investigate systems which can enhance and hold kinesthetically alive dancing.

The weekend costs £90 (employed) £75 (self employed or part time) £60 (unwaged)

Morning practice only costs £30 (employed), £25 (self employed or part time), £20 (unwaged)

To book please complete the booking form and send it to us at

More about Laurel…

Image Laurel Tentindo

Image Laurel Tentindo

Laurel Jenkins Tentindo is an independent choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Los Angeles.  Laurel danced around the world as a member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company from 2007-2013.  She developed original roles in Brown’s four final pieces.  Additionally, Laurel has danced with Sara Rudner, Vicky Shick, and the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange.  Her choreographic and dancing practices are deeply influenced by the Skinner Releasing Technique, Improvisation, and Trisha Brown’s movement vocabulary.  Laurel’s work has been shown internationally and in NYC and Brooklyn at Danspace, Judson Church, Joyce SoHo and at the Puppet Lab at St. Anne’s Warehouse, and in Los Angeles at Highways.  She is currently developing a movement ritual installation for the Fowler Museum in LA for twelve women of diverse dancing traditions.


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