Writing on the moving body with Liz Aggiss

Writing on the moving body with Liz Aggiss; 8th-9th November 2013

This fast tasking, quick thinking, performance-making workshop considers content and context, specificity and framing. It will consider histories and lineage and pay attention to performance skills and audience. The workshop will make  reference to Aggiss’ research, process and choreographic practices, and will invite participants to spread their wings, move outside the box, cross the fourth wall, grapple with the unknown and recover bodies from their libraries. Expect to talk, write texts, critique, show off, move and be moved. Please wear regular dance-class / clothes that are easy to move about in. Bring some other clothing that you don’t mind messing/dancing/tugging, that are simple, plain, uncluttered and allow movement. Bring shoes to go with this outfit – heels are fine.

The workshop costs £90 (employed) £75 (self employed or part time) £60 (unwaged)

This includes a ticket to Liz Aggiss’ performance of The English Channel.

To book please complete the booking form and send it to bookings@decoda-uk.org

More about Liz Aggiss…

Liz AggissLiz Aggiss is an un-disciplined artist with an un-disciplined body of work. Since 1980 she has been a Wild Wiggler, Grotesque Dancer, Diva, Guerrilla Dancer,  Trout, Golem and Performance Lecturer. Most recently she has been feverishly recovering bodies from libraries. Creating her work for stage and screen, Aggiss’ interdisciplinary practice is driven by content, embodies feminist dance practices and is framed by the politics that challenge and resist the ‘authority’ of formal conventions. She studied at the Nikolais/Louis Dance Theatre Laboratory New York, and with Hanya Holm in Colorado and Hilde Holger in London.  She has an expertise in European Expressive Dance (Ausdruckstanz) and grotesque dance.