The English Channel by Liz Aggiss

The English Channel by Liz Aggiss

7th November 2013 at 19:00

Ellen Terry Building


Liz Aggiss - The English Channel

In this vibrant new solo performance by the grande-dame of anarchic dance, Liz Aggiss becomes a cultural carrier – a conduit to channel willful women, and a cultural carrion – a vulture feeding off archives and resources. She is a witty commentator on life and death, and the pain, pleasure and paradox of the stage.

“A list of strengths for me: first of all the shear vitality, madness and joy in it. Of course also your performance; how you can be a clown, sex goddess, ‘dancer’ in quick succession and with complete control and accuracy. The emotional journey you take us on – seamlessly: from sex, death, mourning, fury, joy, celebration. The precision of the staging, timing, film, props, movement. The many layers and cultural/historical references and so the list goes on.”

Wieke Eringa, CEO and Artistic Director, Yorkshire Dance


Tickets cost £12 (employed) £8 (self employed or part time) £6 (unwaged)

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More about Liz Aggiss…

Liz Aggiss is an un-disciplined artist with an un-disciplined body of work. Since 1980 she has been a Wild Wiggler, Grotesque Dancer, Diva, Guerrilla Dancer,  Trout, Golem and Performance Lecturer. Most recently she has been feverishly recovering bodies from libraries. Creating her work for stage and screen, Aggiss’ interdisciplinary practice is driven by content, embodies feminist dance practices and is framed by the politics that challenge and resist the ‘authority’ of formal conventions. She studied at the Nikolais/Louis Dance Theatre Laboratory New York, and with Hanya Holm in Colorado and Hilde Holger in London.  She has an expertise in European Expressive Dance (Ausdruckstanz) and grotesque dance.